Monday, 13 June 2011


The work is off the loom, it's not yet finished as it should but i give you a sneak preview. It is composed in four parts. In fact it is one picture divided in four, but the selvages cut away part of the image.

I also give you some picture of details, front and back:
and even a closer view...

Sunday, 13 February 2011


For the first time i have actually finished my TC1 weavings, it is all prepared for exhibiting!
And yes, when i say  i'm happy with the results, it is an understatement.

It are the weavings i finished this summer.  At the moment they are hanging in my living room but next week they will be presented in a group exhibition 'Meet the teacher'. You are all invited...

Monday, 7 February 2011


I ran into the limits of my cad program, i wanted to use 11 wefts but i can only program 9.
So i had to decide which colours i would drop or rather create them by colour mixing.
I dropped light purple and grayish green.
The image also turns out square, not rectangular as in the original design. But this i think is not a problem it looks ok.

Friday, 4 February 2011


I'm trying to make a very colorful design, using 11 wefts but I don't know if this is realistic.
The teletubies weaving in which i used 7 wefts turned out well. There are still some technical problems with the loom, some hooks don't perform well. I skipped some hooks but apparently not enough.
This is what the design looks like, it is one part of four matching pieces. But first see how this one turns out. These are the weft colours i selected:
The warp is black as their is enough left on the loom.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Growing Teletubbies

I first tried to weave the samples with the same colours and the extra weft, it was better but not good enough. I suppose that the basic colours were no good. I used what i had at home... Never a good starting point! Me, as a teacher encouredge my students to go for the colour they want and not use only what happens to be on your shelfs. Buy or if it not for sale, dye your own colours. So i ordered a more bluer purple and a browner red.
I'm quite happy with the result now.
There is little contrast but this is also in the original photo and is part of the special atmosphere. I'm also pleased with the sparkel in his eye! Fasinating to see your design grow on the loom! (TC1) The weaving software (Arahweave) is also a dream to work with, this would be almost impossible to in photoshop although you only 
need a bitmap to controle the loom.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Working in full colour...

As first colour samples worked out to redish and to light i added an extra weft, a blue-gray.

So now back to the computer, programming a double warp, 7 wefts textile.
I also had to considder the selfedge as it already with 6 wefts advanced too quickly.
I will have to be careful when weaving because the structure seems very sensitive to the  beat...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The exhibition of Craigie Horsfield who showed foto's woven in jacvquard on big scale were very impressive... i felt my fingers itching.
Time to go back to the loom! The black warp that was beamed up this summer ...  i treated through hedles and reed. Further the designing could start.
This is the picture i started with. It was taken by my son, the Telletubby collection of my friend (or part of it). He used some speciale filter to create it.
I reduced colours till 40 were left and now i'm looking for matching colours by making colour samplings. I'm using  6 weft colours in a double weave construction. The present results are nice but not sufficient... have a look: