Monday, 7 February 2011


I ran into the limits of my cad program, i wanted to use 11 wefts but i can only program 9.
So i had to decide which colours i would drop or rather create them by colour mixing.
I dropped light purple and grayish green.
The image also turns out square, not rectangular as in the original design. But this i think is not a problem it looks ok.


  1. Two hints:

    1. The square/rectangle issue: To adjust the final weave size to the actual weaving density, you can change the number of wefts in jacquard conversion. You can do it on the fly without resizing the image, as program will resize it internally during jacquard conversion. If you are not sure about actual weft density, weave a small 5 cm sample, to see at which density can you weave, using the chosen yarns and weaves. Then use this weft density to recalculate the needed number of wefts, in order to keep the image in proportion. There are many ways to do this calculation:
    a) You can draw the image without respect of density (square pixels), insert the density in ArahWeave, and click on calculator button near number of wefts in jacquard conversion, to get the correct number of wefts.
    b) You can draw the image in proportion in ArahPaint4, by first inserting actual weaving density in View > Repeat dimensions, and then scale the image in Edit > Resize image, insert New width, toggle resize contents, and click on Density button to get the number of wefts (Height parameter). Finally click OK to resize the image.

    2. Generally, the limit on number of wefts in ArahWeave is 24 different weft yarns + fringe. The 9 weft limit is only present in extra weft / fil coupe jacquard conversion, since it would become impractical to insert weft blocks beyond 9. But you can still use more than 9 wefts, if not all wefts are used in the same area horizontally. You can do it by placing weft yarn letters to distinguish the areas. Look a this video here from 1:55 to see how:
    If you are talking about the limit in expressing the decomposed editor, and you think it is not possible to decompose it in more than 9 wefts, you are mistaken. You can enter the weft layout also as weft pattern, so to have it decomposed in 11 wefts, you would write
    I hope this will help you in your future design with ArahWeave.

  2. Thank you very much, this will help me certainly.

  3. In ArahWeave 6.1l, the maximum number of weft systems in extra weft conversion has been increased from 9 to 16. Looms with more than 16 weft selectors are extremely rare.
    So the mentioned limitation is no longer an issue.