Wednesday, 12 August 2009

What's on the looms?

I'm not really a production weaver. Once I have prepared the loom for weaving and woven a few inches it can stand still for a long time. The reason why most of my looms are occupied is that I don't like the sight of an empty loom. I only finish a piece and cut the fabric when I want to put on another. As long as I haven't decided what 's next, a piece stays on the loom, finished or not. These are finished warps:

This weave is on the 'tjoekenbak' it is a ornamented plainweave in thin cotton yarn taken double in warp and weft.

This is a woven picture of my son skating, made on the TC1 with th Arahweave software. It is a silk warp and weft.
This work in progress:

A plain double weave treated in blocks.
This work is 'the female' or spring. I made another in more brownish colors 'the male' or autumn .It is made on the replica with 8 shafts using cotoline.
Another work not finished is on the dobby loom. It is a network drafting twill with linnen / cotolinen warp and fine wool weft. I planning to dye it after it gets off the loom so that only the wool is dyed. Now it looks like this:

I'm not sure what color I will use...

The last loom is occupied with a 8 end straight treading in three blocks. But I'm getting bored after 1 meter weaving with fine cotton. I think I'm going to cut and retread it.

Note: The colors of the weavings seem duller then they are but they are muted.

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